Do you want to climb up the leaderboard? Or do you want to learn more about tactics and strategy? Then this is the right place for you!

Does the following sound familiar? A new game is on the market and it becomes very popular. Everybody wants to play it but nobody knows how it really works. You spent a lot of time to understand the basic gameplay and the game mechanic. When you finally understood it, you start slowly developing a strategy. It takes a while until you get it and can play it properly. This process occupies much time. And this is the reason why we made this site. We want to save you the trouble and summarized our experience here.

We collected in this guide the best tips and tricks for Step by step we slowly start with the basics, understandable for everyone (even if you have never played it before) and then continue digging deeper and covering more complicated topics.

Enough with the introduction. Come on, just look around here!

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Save time with our tactics instead of wasting a lot of hours playing to reach the same level of knowledge


Our tips and tricks are thoroughly tested and constantly improved


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Get started

Now it is your time to choose where to start. If you are new to, start with the tutorial to learn all the basics. If you have played it for a while or you have already completed the tutorial, you should start with the strategy.


Basic gameplay

Let's start with the basics to help you understand the basics and the technical terms. This means, we will talk about boost, controls, lags and more.

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Advanced strategy

Here you will learn advanced techniques to become a pro. These tips and tricks will help you becoming the largest snake.

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