We are not developing hacks and you will not be able to download anything on this website. We are against them. slither.io is a fun game to play and everybody who is hacking it to get any advantage is destroying it.

In this article we want to show you which hacks exists. Unfortunately we don't have any images or screenshots to show you, because we don't even want to test them and we don't want to steal images from other persons (the numbers in the banner are photoshopped). We have our knowledge from watching videos and reading other stuff. But you can use your fantasy, YouTube or whatever to make you a clear picture.

What are hacks?

This are programs which modify a game to get an advantage there. They are in the most cases illegal and not wanted by the game developers.

Don't confuse them with mods, cheats or bots.

Are there hacks for slither.io?

Yes, hacks for slither.io do exist. We think it's nice to be well up in this topic, so that you know what type of hack the opponents are able to use.

Zoom out

One of the popular one circulating in the web is the zoom out. It makes you possible to see more of your environment, so it's easier to dodge other snakes coming at you. But this is not as useful as you think, because the game isn't always loading the full map with all the opponents and mass out there. That would be a total waste of network and other resources.

It loads your environment to a predetermined limit and this limit is not much larger than you can see without modifications. This means, even with a hack you would never be able to see the full map or a much greater radius.

Random teleport

This enables you to teleport to a random place on the map. If you are in a dangerous situation, you could press a button to get teleported to a random place on the map. This makes you immune to wrap-arounds in which you have enough time to teleport away or other dangerous situations.

Sure, this is maybe useful but imagine if everybody would use this. This game would be as unplayable as once Counter Strike in it's "hacker stage".

Custom graphics

You don't like the default slither.io graphic? With a hack you could easily change it. I think this is harmless in comparison to ohers since you have no advantages. Having a custom graphic is maybe nice but the actual graphics are in my opinion good enough - no need for it.

Custom background

This is similar to the "Custom graphics". It lets you define a custom background or just simply remove the old one. I don't know why this is necessary but it exists.


Connect to a specific server

It is a nice game to play but there is this one feature that I miss. In agar.io it was the same. What if you want to play with your friends? You can't connect easily to the same server. In agar.io we just refreshed the page till we had the same leaderboard and then we played together.

Such a program exists. You can type the IP address of the server and connect to it.

But I know why this feature must be hacked and is not part of the standard version: This game is not meant for playing with your friends on the same server. I remember days in agar.io where the whole leaderboard was filled with one clan-tag. And this ruined the game. You just had no chance on such servers and it was terribly to play.

I think it would be really unfair too if you connect to the same server with 10 pro's and just screw the game of the other 500 people playing there.

Be careful

We can't prevent you from hacking but we can suggest you to be careful. There are a lot of fakes on the internet which promise you infinite length, immortality or other fancy things. The most of them are fakes and viruses! And some are even worse! Some of them force you to sign some dubious contracts. And that's it - nothing else for you, but a contract with will cost you money.

Just spend more time and learn how this game works, read our guide here and don't use hacks!